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We are REBRANDING and EXPANDING in March 2018 with a new website and great new features!

Content from our Spring 2018 Spectrum Life issue and all issues from 2013 – 2017 is now being added to our new website, which will launch on/around Friday, March 23rd, 2018. A sneak peek of our Spring 2018 cover can be seen at the left!

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Featured articles in our Spring 2018 issue will include:

Autistic Adults Do Not Look Like Autistic Children • Welcome to Spectrum Life • Autism Awareness and Acceptance • Tic Talk • Ask Spectrum Life • Hooked on Fishing • Self-Care That Makes Sense • Mainstreaming and Inclusion • Differentiation, Accommodation and Modification • Ask The Personal Trainer • Juice: The Not So Healthy Soda Alternative • The Many Benefits of BEHCA • Spectrum Life Resource Directory • Autism Empowerment Events – Featured Autistic Guest Writers: Dimitri Conejo • Judy Endow

We will temporarily leave this website active for the next few months since we know that search engine traffic will drive a lot of people here first until our new website gets more traction. Please note that all new content for the magazine will be on our new website at