The Inside of Me by Matteo Musso

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– The Inside of Me is an insightful and thought-provoking poem by Matteo Musso, a teenage boy on the autism spectrum who began to communicate at age 12. –

This insightful poem by Matteo Musso was published on his website, and with permission, it was reprinted in Spectrums Magazine Winter 2017 issue.

Matteo on letterboard

The Inside of Me

How deep will you look and what will you see?
Look past the façade to see the real me.
I am more than actions my body must do
And likewise, your bodies must do their things too.
Are there ever times when you just can’t just sit still?
Or you just want to yell something, then you could chill?
We feel that stuff too but imagine this,
That it is so magnified, a great sum like this.
One hundred times ten, then add on three zeros
To understand this, would make you our heroes.
We just can’t contain it, the energy’s too great,
So out it just comes, not too soon or too late.
We are sorry if our need for survival sometimes
Conflicts with the schedule you had in your minds.
We do our best to work with these things,
But oft you don’t see that… frustration it brings.
I must say out loud, as strong as I can,
Cuz I speak for so many in Autismland.
Remember the things that you notice in us,
Are inside you too and seeing them is a must.
For that’s when the world starts to shift more to love,
And the earth gets showered with gifts from above.

Accept this and kindness rains down on all of humanity, as we focus on our commonalities while appreciating the diversity God so entrusted to mankind. 

– Matteo Musso, April 5, 2017

Through his poetry and writing, 14-year-old Matteo Musso guides us through his world after almost 12 years of silence. His trapped intelligence released, he shares amazing insights on love, God, finding happiness and the gifts of autism. Through a miraculous discovery, Matteo’s mother was finally able to communicate with her son, exposing a well of intelligence and heart way beyond her imagination. Matteo’s first book, Handbook of Us, Understanding and Accepting People with Autism, is the light and culmination of locked up thoughts and messages. His messages are enlightening to say the least, about life, love, autism, and God.

Matteo gives incredible insight and tips on raising and befriending an autistic child or autistic adult. To learn more, visit:

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