From The Publisher – Spectrums Magazine – Spring 2017

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Spectrums Magazine Spring 2017 issue features include:  A Journey of Music & Magic • The Big Deal about Small Talk • Autism Does Not Define Me • Consumer Advocacy in Autism Research • Swindells Resource Center • Choose Your Battles • Understanding Neurodiversity • A Parent/Teacher’s Guide to an IEP Meeting • Autism Service Animals in the IEP? • Autistic Burnout and Aging • A Spectrum of Support • Family Navigators • Parents, Precision Medicine, Autism and Genetics • Provider Partner Directory • Autism Empowerment Events

by Karen Krejcha

It was April 22nd, 2016 when I officially signed the paperwork for Autism Empowerment to acquire Spectrums Magazine. What a year it is has been! Today, Spectrums is a nonprofit program of Autism Empowerment. The issue you have in hand is expected to reach over 25,000 readers in Washington and Oregon. Our online version will reach thousands more worldwide.

For those of us like myself who are autistic and an autism parent, April brings great anxiety and heightened emotion as we brace ourselves to hear what kind of messages about autism and Asperger’s will be shared by other autism organizations, support groups, families, and advocates.

At Autism Empowerment and Spectrums, we promote Autism Acceptance as well as Acceptance for All Abilities. We promote it every single day of the year.

Autism Empowerment collaborates with a lot of positive groups and hopes that people will financially and emotionally support organizations that support Autism Acceptance, advocacy, meaningful and accessible supports and positive systemic change.

We encourage you to critically think and ask yourself what kind of message you want youth and adults who identify as Autistic, Aspie or on the autism spectrum to see and hear?

We are listening, we are reading, we are watching… and we are internalizing.

Check out the diverse range of articles in this issue and let us know how we’re doing. With your support, we grow stronger. Whether you’re a parent new to diagnosis (or trying to choose your battles), a teen looking for a fun book series, interested in advocacy and autism research, experiencing burnout or seeking a strengths-based approach to therapy, these articles (and more) are in our Spring 2017 issue.

If you appreciate what you read and learn something new, we appreciate you supporting our nonprofit publication. We can’t do it without the support of people like you. Enjoy!


Karen Krejcha

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Autism Empowerment
Editor: Spectrums Magazine

(You can also find this article on page 4 of the Spring 2017 issue of Spectrums Magazine. Print copies were distributed throughout the Portland metro and southwest Washington area in April 2017. You may also read online here.)


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