Autism Empowerment is pleased to announce that the Fall 2016 print issue of Spectrums Magazine has now arrived and is currently in the process of being distributed in the Southwest Washington and Portland metro area. If you would like to read the current copy online, you may do so for free! 


One challenge of being the publisher of Spectrums Magazine is trying to find the right balance of articles that will serve the needs of our diverse audience. How in 40 pages do we effectively educate, empower and inspire youth and adults on the autism spectrum, including their parents, family, and friends? How do we meaningfully reach educators, medical practitioners, providers and professionals who regularly serve the autism community?

When Spectrums Magazine became a program of Autism Empowerment in April 2016, we were excited to take on the challenge. As a 5-year-old grassroots nonprofit organization planning to expand nationwide, Board Members wondered if we could afford the cost and time to produce Spectrums? Would donors, funders, and sponsors support us? Would we be able to employ staff from within the autism community?

Financial concerns aside, the founders and Board of Directors at Autism Empowerment knew we had to take the risk. A positive publication that draws upon the strengths of the autism community serves as a vehicle for social change. Although we’re on a learning curve, messages of support received after the Summer 2016 issue launched assured us we were on a positive track.

Our Autumn issue showcases a diverse blend of advocacy, education, recreation and perspective pieces. With kids back in school, we share strategies for building bonds among students, teachers, and parents. We cover October’s Bullying Prevention Month and Disability Employment Awareness Month. One of my favorite pieces is a delightful interview with a local teen whose quest is to spread autism acceptance worldwide through Autism “Rocks”.

We believe that all people in the autism community deserve a life free of stigma and full of opportunity for education, employment, relationships and personal growth. We invite you to join us as we positively change the world. Thank you for your support!



Karen Krejcha

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Autism Empowerment
Editor: Spectrums Magazine

(You can also find this article on page 4 of the Fall 2016 issue of Spectrums Magazine.)