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It’s often hardest to let go of the things we are most proud of. In 2012, when I had the murmurings of  ideas for a niche magazine specifically for the autism community, I’d barely wrapped my head around what autism even was.

I spent nine months booking meeting after meeting: educators, therapists, families, those with autism, their families, their friends—all with a resounding “yes!” that a magazine would be an enormous boon for the community.

One of those first meetings was with the Krejchas, as they had just launched their grassroots nonprofit, Autism Empowerment. Their tenacity, commitment and courage to make something out of nothing was admirable. Throughout the years of publishing the magazine, they were often a go-to, whether it be participating in their community events or just using them as a sounding board.

Fast forward four years later when the unavoidable shifts of life had me looking at a fork in the road. Knowing that my family’s needs and big life changes were upon us, I made the tough decision to let the magazine go.

And I looked to Autism Empowerment to help carry on the important task of bringing free and robust resources to the autism community.

Their mission, values and programming was a natural fit to carry on publishing the magazine and ensuring it continues to serve our ASD community. Our goals and work ethics align and I know they will put everything into bringing you the best quarterly magazine.

Change is hard. However, when you’re confident that the change brings positive continued support for the autism community, getting out of the way is a bit easier.

As I’ve written before, the magazine was the best therapy and teacher for me, at a time I needed it the most. I can’t wait to see where this publication goes and how many more lives it will enrich. Thank you for the opportunity to bring it to you for the years that I did.

Courtney Freitag
Former publisher/founder

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