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Notes From the Publisher – June 2016


It was September 16th, 2012 when I received an email from Courtney Freitag introducing herself. She was planning to launch a magazine dedicated to those on the autism spectrum in the Portland metro area. She was forming an editorial advisory board to help guide the content and future of the magazine and wondered if I’d like to be a part of the Spectrums Magazine adventure.

Being an autistic self-advocate, parent advocate and co-founder of Autism Empowerment, the desire was that I’d bring a unique perspective to the magazine. For me, it was an easy yes. My husband John and I co-founded Autism Empowerment in June 2011 and we were in an exciting grassroots nonprofit stage. Courtney’s vision to strengthen the autism community through Spectrums tied right in with Autism Empowerment’s four foundational pillars – Accept, Enrich, Inspire, Empower.

In March 2013 the first edition of Spectrums was published, and it was an immediate hit with self-advocates, families, educators and service providers. As more quarterly issues were published, we found it difficult to keep enough copies in our office. The demand was great, and Courtney’s vision of a positive autism community publication had come to fruition.

It was February 8th, 2016 when I received another email. Courtney was stepping away from publishing the magazine to focus on her family and wondered if Autism Empowerment might consider acquiring Spectrums Magazine to become a nonprofit program of Autism Empowerment so that the great work that was started could continue. We were humbled, excited and admittedly, a bit overwhelmed.

Today we honor Courtney’s legacy with the first issue of Spectrums Magazine published by Autism Empowerment. Thank you for joining us! We look forward to serving you in your autism journey.






Karen Krejcha
Executive Director & Co-Founder, Autism Empowerment
Editor: Spectrums Magazine

(You can also find this article on page 4 of the Summer 2016 issue of Spectrums Magazine.)

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