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  • The Inside of Me by Matteo Musso

    Dec 2, 17 • 1002 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    – The Inside of Me is an insightful and thought-provoking poem by Matteo Musso, a teenage boy on the autism spectrum who began to communicate at age 12. – This insightful poem by Matteo Musso was published on his website, and...

  • My Life by Asjia Chapin

    Jun 9, 16 • 1507 Views • NewsroomComments Off on My Life by Asjia Chapin

    My Life by Asjia Chapin I wish to tell you my different life, the ins, the outs and so, Your heart will warm, beat a bit and then start to grow. With passion to comfort me and really make me know, That when I scream or hit or when my temper blows, You’re...