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  • John Elder Robison

    Division in the Autism Community – What’s Next for Us?

    Jul 7, 17 • 145 Views • Local Resources, NewsroomNo Comments

    Division in the Autism Community – What’s Next for Us? By John Elder Robison   One of the greatest divisions in the autism community is between seekers of a cure, and opponents.  Someone new to the autism community could easily be forgiven for...

  • Chase Severin

    We Know Who We Are by Chase Severin

    Jul 4, 17 • 257 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    We Know Who We Are. by Chase Severin   We hear the whispers. We know the jokes are about us. We know people think we are stupid. We know who we are. We are smart, nice and we matter. We are angry. We know who we are. Our Autism does not make us...

  • A Literary Hero for All Abilities – Joel Suzuki

    Jan 28, 17 • 589 Views • Local Resources, NewsroomNo Comments

    A Literary Hero for All Abilities  by Karen Krejcha – Readers who stay current on books featuring fictional characters on the autism spectrum may already be familiar with Brian Tashima’s The Spectraland Saga (now the Joel Suzuki series), a science...

  • Martial Arts and Autism

    Jan 23, 17 • 907 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    Martial Arts and Autism – Lessons for Life By John Krejcha – On any given day or evening in the Portland metro area, one can find youth and adults of all ages and abilities participating in some form of martial arts. While there are several hundred...

  • Blackbelts for Butterflies – Jiu-Jitsu for Autism

    Dec 14, 16 • 1031 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    Blackbelts for Butterflies – Jiu-Jitsu for Autism Dedicated to Dylan Hockley, a beautiful butterfly  By John Krejcha “Know that your actions cannot be hoarded, saved for later, or used selectively. By your hand, millions—billions—of lives will be...

  • Pokémon Go has done a lot of Great Things for My Family

    Oct 16, 16 • 315 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    Pokémon Go has done a lot of great things for my family Stories from the Spectrum – By Zachary Parrott – For those of you who are unaware, Pokémon Go is a popular free app for iOS and Android devices that first came out in July 2016. It is a...

  • Letting Go of Normal

    Oct 15, 16 • 317 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    Letting Go of “Normal” – The Journey to Diagnosis is a Winding Road  By Heather Parrott – Zachary was born by emergency cesarean section on a cold February night. His birth was one I don’t share with first-time moms because it was...

  • #InclusionWorks

    National Disability Employment Awareness Month

    Oct 1, 16 • 220 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    National Disability Employment Awareness Month – Inclusion Works By Karen Krejcha Finding and keeping meaningful employment is fundamental to a person’s quality of life. Although the paycheck is nice, a job or career also offers the opportunity for...

  • Happy student

    Bridging the Gap to Help Teachers Get to Know Your Child

    Sep 25, 16 • 578 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    by Tara O’Gorman, MSW – As the start to the new school year approaches, those familiar feelings begin to creep up.  For parents of children on the autism spectrum, there are mixed feelings of fear, anxiety, dread, excitement, and hope.  If the...

  • grandmother and grandchild

    Grandparents and Autism: Bridging the Generation Gap

    Sep 21, 16 • 548 Views • NewsroomNo Comments

    Bridging the Generation Gap: Grandparents and Autism by Shannon Flynn – As much as you love them, it can sometimes be difficult to relate to your grandchildren. It can be even more difficult if your grandchild has autism. However, grandparents play an...

  • Boys playing video games isolated in white

    Social Groups for Tweens and Teens

    Jun 14, 16 • 1043 Views • NewsroomComments Off on Social Groups for Tweens and Teens

    Giving Kids A Place to Connect – Social Groups for Tweens and Teens by Tara O’Gorman, MSW – I never saw myself as a person who would run a social group for tweens and teens on the autism spectrum. On the contrary, for many years I was more...

  • Mighty Mitch

    Jun 11, 16 • 1385 Views • NewsroomComments Off on Mighty Mitch

    Mighty Mitch by Carrie Thatcher – The opening notes of Pomp and Circumstance began to blare through the crowded auditorium. Tears coursed down my cheeks. Among the stream of students in blue graduation caps and gowns was Mitch. Only a handful of us in...

  • Dads Need Support, Too

    Jun 10, 16 • 1429 Views • Local Resources, Newsroom4 Comments

    Dads helping Dads – Finding resources and programs for men  by John Krejcha – When it comes to autism-related parenting resources, there are many blogs, books, support groups, websites and forums dedicated toward moms. Parenting resources in...

  • Dear Spectrums Magazine Readers

    Jun 8, 16 • 803 Views • Local Resources, NewsroomComments Off on Dear Spectrums Magazine Readers

    This is a copy of the welcome letter from Editor, Karen Krejcha that was published on pages 6 and 7 in the Summer 2016 issue of Spectrums Magazine. In April 2016, Spectrums Magazine was acquired by Autism Empowerment and became a nonprofit program of the...

  • From The Publisher – Spectrums Magazine

    Jun 8, 16 • 678 Views • NewsroomComments Off on From The Publisher – Spectrums Magazine

    Notes From the Publisher – June 2016 It was September 16th, 2012 when I received an email from Courtney Freitag introducing herself. She was planning to launch a magazine dedicated to those on the autism spectrum in the Portland metro area. She was...